Working Hard To Spare You From The Worst

Protecting You Against Federal Charges

When you face an allegation of a federal crime, you face the strength and resources of the U.S. government. That is a uniquely stressful position to be in, but you are not without rights, and you are not alone.

My name is Antonio Pena, and I am on your side. I work with people accused of criminal charges across Miami and Broward County. As a former prosecutor, I make it my priority to provide you with a thoughtful, strategic defense based on your needs and your charge. I will work as hard as anyone to defend you.

From White Collar Crimes To Drug Charges

Federal charges differ from state offenses in several important ways; generally, these are crimes that cross state borders or impact a federal interest. Often, federal charges regard such issues as:

  • Embezzlement
  • Fraud
  • Conspiracy
  • Drug trafficking
  • Corruption
  • Money laundering

If you face any one of these crimes, you may be facing significant time in prison and extremely high fines. Furthermore, a federal prison term will be handled in a federal facility that may be far away from your family and other loved ones.

I Will Build A Strategic Defense

My goal as your lawyer is to build a smart strategy. I look at the charges and your circumstances, and I assess the situation. While I can be as aggressive as any attorney, not every situation calls for that. I prefer to handle your defense with intelligence and insight.

My goal is to help you deal with your charges in a way that works for you. I am on your side the entire way. Reach out to me for a meeting to learn more. Call 786-667-5055 today or send an email. I can speak with you in English or Spanish, depending on your preference.